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Hacker v. Construction Company
Driver of passenger vehicle hit by oncoming construction truck who veered onto his side of the highway. Driver
suffered traumatic brain injury and wife presented claim for loss of consortium as a result of driver/husband's
injuries. Case settled at mediation for $1.2 million
Bojorquez v. Atlantic
The client was injured when her vehicle was struck by an uninsured motorist. The client suffered major injuries
including a severe ankle injury requiring a fusion. The case subsequently settled at mediation for $1.1 million.
Turner v. Caron
This lawsuit arose from a two vehicle accident that occurred in September, 2007 when the defendant, while in
the course and scope of his employment, attempted to make a right turn into a driveway and struck the
plaintiffs' vehicle. Defendant disputed liability and the nature and extent of plaintiff's alleged injuries. Tried to
verdict, $1.5 million.
Votava v. Super Shuttle
This Super Shuttle van versus passenger vehicle, three car rear end collision occurred on southbound La
Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The accident occurred as traffic was stopped on La Cienega for a
traffic signal and the Super Shuttle van struck a Jeep Cherokee which was just coming to a stop behind client's
vehicle catapulting the Cherokee into the back of the client's vehicle. The client had a pre-existing back
condition which was aggravated by the impact and resultant surgery. Settled at mediation for $800,000.
Torino v. Quartz Hill Park
Plaintiff, then a 68 year old woman fell due to a hole in the roadway on defendant's premises. The client fell
forward, striking her face on the pavement. She lost consciousness for an unknown amount of time after the fall
and the client's head injury claim was subsequently heard at mediation which resulted in a settlement of
Amos v. Alpha Property Management
This case involved a minor who fell two stories from a common area unscreened window in an apartment
complex. The case was initially lost on a summary judgment motion while being represented by another firm
and was appealed by the Arter Law Offices resulting in a settlement of $1,000,000 to the minor and also
resulted in a Court of Appeal opinion which changed the liability of landowners as to common areas in
apartment buildings.
Optometrist v. Insurer
This case arises out of Defendant Insurance Company and one of its agent's unreasonable and outrageous
conduct designed to minimize payment of benefits properly due and owing out of a covered theft loss. An
optometrist, the sole proprietor of an optometry practice, suffered a devastating financial loss when she was
victimized by a theft in which nearly $80,000 in inventory was stolen from her practice. The insurance carrier
initially denied coverage and the matter was settled at mediation for $185,000.
Weinstein v. French Bakery
Weinstein, an elderly patron, shopping at a farmer's market, tripped and fell on a sidewalk under construction.
The sidewalk had been taped off by the construction company for pedestrian traffic; however, the bakery store
abutting the construction removed the caution tape which they argued interfered with customers patronizing
their bakery. Weinstein suffered a broken hip. The matter was resolved at mediation for $185,000.
Miller v. Ralphs
Miller was a patron at defendant grocery store and slipped and fell in the liquor section of the store due to a
broken bottle which had spilled on the floor. Plaintiff sustained a RSD injury to her arm. Settled at mediation for
Gallegos v. United
Driver and passenger involved in accident with big rig truck. Driver of passenger car alleged memory loss,
traumatic brain injury along with soft tissue neck and back injuries. Settled at mediation for $950,000
Manziotti v. Golf Course
Client was injured when he leaned on a wooden fence at defendant's golf course which subsequently collapsed,
causing the client to strike his head resulting in traumatic brain injury. Case settled at mediation for $800,000
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