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A Trial Law Firm Serving Accident Victims Throughout California

Having handled more than 11,000 cases, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Lee Arter understand how to
successfully resolve personal injury claims.

Less experienced attorneys frequently contact us for advice, and we happily share the secret of our success.
They will say, "The insurance company is refusing to offer an acceptable settlement and is recommending we
go to arbitration to resolve the matter. There are five retired judges we can choose from to handle the
arbitration, which one would you pick?" Our answer: None of them. They are all in the insurance company's
pocket. There is only one course of action, and that is trial.

Trial Attorneys: What Insurance Companies Fear Most of All

Insurance companies are meticulous in their methodology. They do everything they can to avoid providing
compensation to accident victims. When handling a case, one of the first things they do is size up their
opponent. They rate their opponents based on whether or not the opponent is willing to take a lawsuit to trial.

Why do insurance companies do this? If they are up against a lawyer who does not take cases to trial, they
can offer a low settlement knowing there is little the lawyer can do about it. On the other hand, if they are up
against a lawyer with a long and successful trial record, lawyers like those at our law firm, they are more likely
to offer a fair settlement. They want to avoid investing in an expensive trial only to come out on the losing end.

We are meticulous as well. When we are not at trial ourselves, we are monitoring what is happening in
courtrooms around California. We carefully watch the behavior of juries. Are they deciding for or against
accident victims? Why or why not? How much are they awarding? Knowing the answers to these questions
allows us to prepare our cases for success at trial.

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We handle all accident cases on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we get results. If you are not able to travel to one of our five offices, we can come to you. Se habla español.
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