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Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys
Since 1992, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Lee Arter, servicing Los Angeles County, Torrance, and
Pasadena, have stood up for the rights of individuals who have been hurt by negligent drivers. We do not
handle class action lawsuits, which often result in large rewards overall that end up being small for each
victim who participates in the lawsuit. We represent individuals only, so when we say we have won $100
million for accident victims, it means that those victims have gotten the compensation necessary to move
forward with their lives.
A Car Accident Lawsuit Is Like a Chess Match
With decades of experience on our side, we know all of
the insurance companies' tricks. If you are in a car
accident and you do not go to the hospital right away,
the insurance company will try to deny you
compensation, saying, "If you were truly hurt, you would
have seen a doctor immediately." If you do go to a doctor
immediately, the insurance company will say, "A person
who was really hurt would have waited to see if the pain
would go away on its own instead of rushing right to the
We have seen all of these tricks before. To us, these lawsuits are like chess matches. We have an
advantage because we know the moves the insurance companies make. Our lawyers know how to counter
these moves in order to succeed. That is why so many of the people we represent are referred to us by past
clients whom we have helped to obtain compensation.
Free Consultation With a Riverside Car Accident Attorney
The best way to discuss your case with a San Diego car accident lawyer, call us at 800-799-9999 or send us
an e-mail.
We handle all Los Angeles car accident cases on a contingency basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we
get results. If you are not able to travel to one of our five offices, we can come to you. Se habla español.

In auto accident cases, we often work with accident reconstruction experts who thoroughly investigate the
cause of the accident. This allows us to provide fact-based information when building a case on behalf of an
injured client.

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